Past and Upcoming Appearances

Feb 22: CATCO Gala Fundraiser, Riffe Center, downtown Columbus
April 22: Clintonville Resource Center awards event at Park of Roses
April 26: Light in the Woods Music Concert
May 5: Cinco de Mayo event, The Forum nursing home
May 10: Library, State of Ohio, Ohio writers event
May 11: The Great TOSRV bike tour, Chillicothe, Ohio
May 16: Bike Tune Up event, OSU, 2pm east of Oval
May 17: Komen Race for the Cure
May 21: Bike Ride of Silence, Ohio Statehouse
June 6: Z-Sharp Big Band, private event
June 6-8: Columbus Arts Festival
June 17: Great Ohio Bike Adventure, Mt Vernon, OH
June 28: Alzheimer's Walk, Ohio Statehouse, 8-11AM
June 28-29: The Mighty COMFEST!@
July 2: Columbus Zoo
July 30: Columbus Zoo
Jan 11: The Forum nursing home
Jan 12: Z-Sharp Big Band at Ohio Sec. of State Inaugural Party
Feb 8: The Forum nursing home
Feb 11: Z-Sharp at Cols Museum of Art Docents' Social
Feb 11: Z-Sharp at BOMA Swing Dance night
Feb 12: In Full Swing Big Band at Adena High School
Feb 17: Compass School day care open house
Feb 18: Z-Sharp at BOMA Swing Dance night
Feb 25: Z-Sharp at BOMA Swing Dance night
Mar 22: Heritage House Assisted Living
Mar 24: Gahanna 1907 Day, 12-2pm
Apr 21: 10-TV Food Parade, 10AM-noon
Apr 21: Earth Day event, Goodale Park
Apr 27: Ohio Pharma. Assoc, Cols Convention Ctr
May 13: TOSRV Bike Tour lunch stop entertainment
May 20: Cat Welfare, 1-3pm
May 20: Z-Sharp at BOMA Swing Dance night
June 2: Gallery Hop with Swing Alliance dancers
June 3, 10, 24: Z-Sharp at BOMA Swing Dance night
June 9: Cols Met. Library, 10-noon
June 7-10: Columbus Arts Festival
June 13: Columbus Zoo children's house
June 16: Zoofari, Columbus Zoo
June 17-21: Great Ohio Bike Adventure
June 22-24: COMFEST, live radio broadcast on 98.3FM
July 7: Gallery Hop with Swing Alliance dancers
July 11: Columbus Zoo Children's house
July 14: Grandview Farmer's Mkt, 10:30-noon
July 28: Clintonville Farmer's Market
Aug 1: Columbus Zoo Children's house
Aug 9: Ohio State Fair with Z-Sharp Big Band
Aug 4: Grandview Farmer's Mkt, 10:30-noon
Aug 11: Farmer's Mkt Festival, Marysville, noon-2pm
Aug 18: Heart Walk at COSI
Aug 19: Private Party - Concourse Hotel
Sept 16: Gahanna Flea Mkt
Aug 25: Private Party - Bexley
Sept 8: OSU Tailgating parties
Sept 15,16: Delaware County Fair, 2-6pm
Sept 16: Gahanna Flea Market 11-12:30pm
Sept 22: Hangar Dance with Big Band
Sept 29: Private Party
Sept 30: Heritage House, 2pm
Sept 26: Upper Arlington Farmers' Mkt
Sept 30: Creekside Villiage, 7pm
Oct 1 and 4: Forum at Knightsbridge
Oct 5: Wedding with Z-Sharp Big Band
Oct 11: BOMA with Z-Sharp
Oct 13 and 20: OSU Football tailgaiting parties
Oct 17: Upper Arlington Farmers' Mkt
Oct 26, 27: Boo at the Zoo
Oct 30: Beggars' night in Clintonville
Nov 24: Springfield Holiday Parade and Celebration
Dec 1: Private party
Dec 31: Private party

Jan 1: Jackson Square in the French Quarter, New Orleans
Jan 13: Wedding, Dublin Banquet Hall
Feb 9: The Forum nursing home
Feb 10: Z-Sharp Big Band, Groveport Assisted Living center
Feb 18: The Compass daycare
Mar 4: CATCO Annual Gala Event, A Moveable Feast, Cotters Restaurant (Nationwide Blvd), 7PM - Midnight
Mar 23: The Forum nursing home
Apr 30: German Village Society, tree dedication, Schiller Park
May 4: The Forum, nursing home
May 6: Unity Church music night
May 14: Bicycle Tour of the Scioto River Valley (TOSRV), Chillicothe lunch stop.
May 21: Cat Welfare open house, 1-3pm
May 25: Westminster Thurber retirement center (swing combo)
June 1-4: Columbus Arts Festival
June 3: Z-Sharp Big Band (Officer's Club party at DSCS)
June 4: CATCO reception at Barcelona's
June 6: Alum Crest High School graduation reception
June 10: Yellow Springs Street Faire
June 11: Graduation party
June 17-23 Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure, providing lunchstop entertainment.
June 23-25: COMFEST, including Sunday 11AM with Z-Sharp Big Band.
June 24: Memory Walk at Franklin Park
June 24: Powell, parade and festival
June 28: Columbus Zoo
July 1: Gallery Hop
July 4: New Albany parade and Doo-Dah parade
July 12: Columbus Zoo
Aug 2: Columbus Zoo
Aug 3: The Forum Healthcare Center
Aug 12: Erlichman Bar Mitzvah
Aug 13: Heritage House retirement center
Aug 18: Z-Sharp Big Band - Grove City
Aug 26 Heart Walk, Columbus COSI
Aug 27: Light in the Woods church picnic
Sept 4: Upper Arlington Labor Day Festival, "Voice Play" at children's activity area
Sept 10: Creekside retirement center
Sept 14: Woodlands Assisted Living
Sept 16: Eastland Mall charity event
Sept 16: Lancaster Airport Hangar Dance with Z-Sharp Big Band
Sept 23: Grandview Farmers' Market, 10-12noon
Sept 23: OSU-Penn State tailgate parties
Sept 26: Early Childhood Educaton center in Gahanna
Sept 29: VIP, Press Opening Night for BOMA (Bar of Modern Art) with Z-Sharp Big Band
Sept 30: Diabetes Walk
Oct 7: Z-Sharp at Little Turtle
Oct 7: OSU-Bowling Green Tailgating parties
Oct 21: OSU-Indiana Tailgating parties
Oct 24: CATCO event
Oct 24: Heritage House Birthday Parties
Oct 25: Heritage House
Oct 15: Columbus Marathon
Oct 28: OSU-Minnesota tailgating parties
Oct 31: HALLOWEEN cruise of Clintonville streets playing scary music
Nov 3: Chillicothe Mason's Party with Z-Sharp Big Band
Nov 14: Simple Gifts - Simply Living Fundraiser at YWCA, 12Noon
Nov 16: The Forum at Knightsbridge Health Care Center
Nov 17: Swing Dance at Reynoldsburg HS with Z-Sharp Big Band
Nov 25: Springfield downtown holiday festival
Nov 26: CATCO Soiree at Burgundy Room
Dec 2: Short North Holiday Hop, 7-10pm, Buttles and High
Dec 3: Alliance Data Systems holiday party at Cols Zoo
Dec 8: Big Band at Groveport Senior Center
Dec 16: Corporate Holiday Party, Downtown Athletic Club
Dec 17: Heritage House with vocalist Mary Rose
Dec 31: Bar of Modern Art-BOMA

Jan 17: Nursing Home, Westerville, OH
Jan 21: SAGE, Columbus Goodwill senior adult activity center
Jan 29: Gasparilla Festival, Tampa, FL
Feb 14: Downtown Columbus sidewalks, Hearts of Candy 7-9AM, 11:30-1:30pm
Feb 19: Daycare gig
Feb 26: CCM Benefit, Columbus, Music Hall
Apr 2: North Market, 11-1pm
Apr 18: Westerville nursing home
Apr 22: Earthsong, Whetstone Park of Roses shelter house
Apr 23: 10-TV Food Drive, 11:30-12:30
Apr 23: Clintonville Community Mkt Earthday, 4pm
Apr 23: Big Band benefit night
May 7: North Market, 11-1pm
May 8: TOSRV lunch stop (Bike Tour of the Scioto River Valley), Chillicothe, OH
May 15: Cat Welfare, 1-3pm
May 20: Private Party
May 21: Unity Church music night
June 4: North Market 11-1
June 2-5: Columbus Arts Festival
June 10: Dr. Hicks Chiropractor open house
June 10: Yellow Springs Street Faire
June 22: Columbus Zoo
June 24: GOBA, drop in visit, Amsden, Ohio
June 25: Memory Walk, Franklin Park
June 25, 26: Community Festival, Goodale Park
June 26: German Village Home & Garden Tour
July 2: North Market, 10-12noon
July 2: Gallery Hop!
July 5: The Forum at Knightsbridge Healthcare Center
July 9: Clintonville Farmer's Market
July 20-23: Ann Arbor Street Fair, Liberty St. Courtyard
July 27: Columbus Zoo
July 28: WEC Farmer's Market, Olde Towne East, 1-3pm
July 29: Westerville Day Care
July 30: Z-Sharp Big Band
July 30: Eve & Greg party
Aug 3: Upper Arlington Farmers' Market, 4-6pm
Aug 10: Columbus Zoo
Aug 11: Franklin Park
Aug 13: World's Largest Picnic, Cols Parks & Rec.
Aug 20: Clintonville Farmer's Market
Aug 27: Heart Walk
Aug 27: Grandview Farmer's Market
Sept 2: Wine & Cheese event, Italian grocery, Dublin
Sept 3: Syrkin-Love Wedding, Stratford Ecological Sanctuary
Sept 5: Upper Arlington Arts Festival (MIDI Movement Trigger Device)
Sept 8: Forum at Knightsbridge Nursing Home
Sept 9: Emerald City Big Band, OSU lawn pre-game party
Sept 10: Air and Arts Fest, Union County Airport
Sept 10: OSU vs Texas tailgate parties
Sept 11: Shepherd Baptist Church picnic
Sept 17: OSU vs. San Diego football tailgate parties
Sept 24: Columbus Zoo
Sept 24: Hangar Dance, Z-Sharp Big Band, Fairfield County Airport
Sept 28: Upper Arlington Farmers' Market
Oct 1: North Market
Oct 8: Diabetes Walk
Oct 12: Upper Arlington Farmers' Market
Oct 15: OSU tailgating parties
Nov 5: North Market
Nov 26: Gahanna Holiday Festival
Nov 27: CATCO Theatre Company Soiree at The Burgundy Room
Dec 3: North Market Holliday Festival
Dec 3: Z-Sharp Big Band at St. Andrews Church
Dec 4: Olde Towne East Holliday Tour of Homes
Dec 31: French Quarter's Jackson Square, New Orleans

Jan 17: North Market, 12-2pm
Feb 4, 5: Mallory Square, Key West Florida
Feb 7: Gasparilla Festival, Tampa, Florida
Feb 28: North Market, 12-2pm
Mar 27: North Market, 11-1pm
Apr 3: Commit To Be Fit half marathon
Apr 24: North Market, 10-12pm, with Mr. Ron Hope on Congas!
Apr 24: Earth Day at Clintonville Community Market
Apr 24: 10TV Food Bank donation drive, 4pm
May 9: Tour of the Scioto River Valley bike tour, Chillicothe, OH
May 15: Race for the Cure fundraiser run
May 15: North Market, 1-3pm
May 21-25: Tour de Sol, NYC to DC
May 28: Medary Elementary School, 5-6:30pm
May 28-30: Oberlin College reunion
June 1: Pearl Alley Farmers' Market
June 3-6: Columbus Arts Festival
June 5: North Market
June 6: Lane Ave Baptist Church picnic
June 12: Memory Walk, Franklin Park
June 13-20: BRAG (Bike Ride Across Georgia)
June 25-27: COMFEST!!
July 3: North Market, 10-12
July 3: Gallery Hop, Buttles & High, featuring vocalist Mary Rose
July 4: Doo-Dah Parade, 1pm
July 4: UAHS Class Reunion, 3pm
July 5: UA Independence Day Parade
July 6: Pearl Alley Farmers Mkt
July 9: Huntington Bank lunch picnic
July 10: One Hell of a Ride, Ann Arbor Bike Club
July 13: Goddard Day Care School, 10AM
July 14: Columbus Zoo, 5pm
July 16: Pearl Alley Farmer's Mkt downtown, 11-12:30pm
July 21-24: Ann Arbor Street Fair, Liberty St. Courtyard
July 27: Pearl Alley Farmer's Mkt, downtown 11-12:30
July 28: Upper Arlington Farmer's Market 4-5:30pm
July 31: Street Festival, Brewery District, 11-2pm
Aug 7: Private Party, Ostrander, OH
Aug 11: Columbus Zoo children's house
Aug 12, 13: Pearl Alley Farmers' Market
Aug 14: Heart Association Walkathon
Aug 20, 21: St. Andrews Parish Festival, 5:30-7:30
Aug 21: Wholistic Health Fair, Powell, OH, 2-3:30
Aug 22: Hastings Pool closing party 2-4pm
Sep 3: Monhegan Island, Maine, music night
Sept 11: Olde Kentucky Home bike tour
Sept 15: Upper Arlington Farmer's Market
Sept 26: Upper Arlington Municipal Center with Carole King
Oct 9: Washington Redskins coach Joe Gibbs' "Youth for Tomorrow" Country Fair, Manassas, VA
Oct 16: Grandview Farmers Market, 11AM-Noon
Oct 22: OSU Homcoming Parade, 6pm
Oct 23: OSU-Indiana tailgates
Oct 28: BEGGARS' NIGHT through the streets of Clintonville
Oct 30: OSU-Penn State tailgates
Nov 6: North Market, 11-1
Nov 20: OSU-MEECHIGAN tailgates
Dec 6: Alliance Data Systems Holiday Party
Dec 6: Gallery Holiday Hop with Charity on vocals
Dec 18: Corporate holliday party, downtown Athletic Club
Dec 23, 24, 26: Capriannos Deli, Dublin, OH

Jan 3: Fiesta Bowl parties !!!
Jan 4: Post-Fiesta Pancake Breakfast party
Jan 18: North Market
Jan 24: Parisianne Ball, Hyatt Convention Center
Feb 1: Gasparilla Festival, Bayshore Drive, Tampa
Feb 15: North Market
Feb 14,15: Emerald City Players Big Band Valentines evening
Mar 15: North Market with guest Flutist Pablo Salcedo
Apr 8: Upper Arlington Senior Center, 12noon
Apr 19: North Market, 1-3pm
Apr 26: Food Drive at WBNS TV, 11:30-1pm
Apr 26: Earth Day at Clintonville Community Market, 2pm
May 10: TOSRV Bike Tour, Chillicothe lunch stop
May 15: Tour de Sol, Washington, DC
May 17: Komen Race for the Cure
May 31: North Market, 11-1pm
June 5-8: Columbus Arts Festival
June 7: North Market
June 16,17,18: GOBA Campground (Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure)
June 21: Columbus Zoofari Fundraiser Event
June 27,28: COMFEST
June 28: Run With Ben, Franklin Univ. Fundraiser
July 4: Doo-Dah Parade with guest roller blader, Leslie
July 12: Ann Arbor Bike Tour entertainment
July 16-19: Ann Arbor Street Fair
July 24, 28: Pearl Alley (Downtown) Farmer's Market mobile musical advertising
July 26: Grandview Lazy Days Festival
Aug 1, 6, 14, 21, 28: Pearl Alley ...
Aug 15,16: St. Andrews Parish Festival
Aug 16: North Market Farmer's Festival 1-3pm
Aug 20: UA Farmer's Market
Aug 23: North Market
Aug 30: OSU Football Tailgating Parties
Sept 5: Perl Alley Farmers Market and Bazaar
Sept 6: Louisville, Kentucky bicycle tour entertainment
Sept 10: Columbus Zoo, 4:30-6:30
Sept 13: North Market
Sept 13: Via Colori Strolling Music on unopened Short North's I-670 corridor, 7-10pm
Sept 14: Private Party
Sept 14: Farmers' Market German Village
Sept 17: UA Farmer's Market, 4-6pm (Guilford and Arlington Ave in Upper Arlington)
Sept 20: OSU Football Tailgating Parties
Sept 27: Private luncheon entertainment
Oct 2: Broad & High Tenent Appreciation event, 11:30-1:30
Oct 4: Walk For Diabetes, Nationwide Convention Center
Oct 15: UA Farmers Market
Oct 18: OSU Tailgating parties
Oct 19: Columbus Marathon!!!
Oct 26: North Market Halloween event
Oct 31: Pearl Alley Farmer's Market, 11-1pm
Nov 1: North Market
Nov 15: OSU Tailgating Parties
Nov 22: OSU-Michigan Football tailgates, Ann Arbor, MI
Nov 29: Springfield Holiday Party, City Hall Plaza
Dec 4: OSU English Dep't party with jazz band
Dec 5: 6-8pm, outside Ohio Theatre for "Holiday Pops"
Dec 12: 6-8pm, outside Palace Theatre for "The Color of Christmas"
Dec 13: 9-11AM, corporate party
Dec 13: North Market, 2-4pm
Dec 18, 19, 20, 22, 26, 27: 5:30-7:30, outside Ohio Theatre for "Nutcracker"
Dec 26, 27: 12-2pm, outside Ohio Theatre for "Nutcracker"
Dec 31: First Night Columbus (strolling music outdoors, downtown Columbus)


Jan 18: North Market, 11-1pm
Feb 11-Feb 22: Columbus Public Schools-6th grade music/dance project
Mar 2: North Market
Apr 6: mARTi Gras Gallery Hop, Short North District CANCELLED, COLD WEATHER
Apr 20: Earth Day at Clintonville Community Mkt, 12 Noon
Apr 27: North Market, 10AM
Apr 28: March of Dimes Walkathon
May 4: Gallery Hop!
May 11-12: TOSRV bicycle tour lunchstop in Chillicothe
May 12-18: Tour de Sol, America's Green Energy Transportation Festival, Baltimore, DC, Philly, NYC
May 18: Race for the Cure walkathon
May 19: Olde Towne East Tour of Homes
May 26: Light in the Woods Unity Church
June 1: Gallery Hop
June 6-7: Columbus Arts Festival
June 8: Hempfest!!! OSU South Oval 4pm
June 9: Upper Arlington Public Library childrens event, 2:30pm
June 14: Cancer Fundraiser, Gahanna
June 15: North Market, 10AM
June 16,23: Light in the Woods Unity Church congregation
June 21-23, 27-29: "1940's Radio Hour" musical show with Emerald City Players (Dublin, OH community theatre). More info at
June 28-30: COMFEST!
June 28: WTTE TV 28 with Emerald City Players 7-8 AM
June 28: Alliance Data Systems picnic party
June 29: Franklin Univ Scholarship Run
June 30: German Village Tour of Homes, 1-3:30
July 4: Doo-Dah Parade, Short North district
July 6: Gallery Hop with ShaftMonkey street theatre group
July 13: Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society bike tour entertainment
July 20: Wedding reception, Gambier, OH
July 24: Upper Arlington Farmer's Market
July 21,28: Light in the Woods Unity Church congregation
July 27: Grandview Lazy Days Festival, 3-6pm
Aug 1-4: Chicago Buskers' Festival!! (see
Aug 7: Upper Arlington Farmer's Market
Aug 8: Hilltop Farmer's Market
Aug 18: Light in the Woods Unity Church congregation
Aug 23,24: St. Andrews Parish Festival, Upper Arlington (evenings)
Sept 7, 14, 28: OSU Football Tailgating Parties
Sept 7: Gallery Hop with Shaft Monkey and special vocalist appearances (Buttles & High Sts)
Sept 8: German Village block party
Sept 18: Upper Arlington Farmer's Market
Sept 20: City Hop (Town St, near east side) (evening)
Sept 21: City Hop (noon-3pm)
Sept 28: Well Beings Wellness Group open house, Bexley
Sept 29: Bexley Natural Food Mkt Street Fair
Oct 5: North Market
Oct 5: Short North Gallery Hop
Oct 6: Walk for Diabetes, Grandview
Oct 12, 26: OSU Football Tailgating Parties
Oct 16: Upper Arlington Farmer's Market
Oct 19: North Market Fall Harvest Celebration
Oct 20: Columbus Marathon!!
Oct 27: North Market Kids Halloween Party
Oct 30: Halloween Beggars' night ride through the streets of Clintonville with guest monster vocals by Taqua
Nov 2,23: OSU Tailgating parties
Dec 7: Springfield Holiday in the City, 1-5:30pm
Dec 8: OSU Campus Development Assoc holiday party
Dec 14: North Market, 12:30-2:30
Dec 14: Simply Living Open House, 3:00-4:00, 200 Crestview Rd.
Dec 20: Upper Arlington city staff Xmas party
Dec 20: Private Party
Dec 14: Neighborhood caroling with Shana, Sharra, and Sabrina
Dec 22: More Neighborhood caroling
Dec 28: North Market, 11-1


Mar 2: Downtown Pickerington, sidewalk stroll event featuring Irish music and dance
Mar 17: Wild Oats Market - Irish music
April 7: Gallery Hop, Columbus Short North (weather permitting)
April 14: North Market, Columbus, 11AM
April 22: Earth Day at Clintonville Community Market, 11AM
April 25: OSU Heart Hospital fundraiser at Pierre's catering
April 27: "More Toast and Jam", poetry with music at College and Grove Bed & Breakfast, Westerville, OH, 7pm and 8pm
May 5: Private Party, OSU Student Union
May 6: AIDSWALK, Bicentennial Park, Columbus
May 12: North Market, Columbus, 9AM
May 12: OSU Ag Campus tent party, 1:30-4
May 13: TOSRV Bicycle Tour Chillicothe lunch stop 9:30AM
May 19: Race for the Cure, race and walkathon breast cancer fundraiser, downtown Columbus
May 20-25: Tour de Sol, a media showcase caravaan of electric and alternatively-powered vehicles, CT, NY, MA, BOSTON
June 2: North Market, Columbus, 9AM
June 2: Bigg's Kids' Fest, Cincinnati, 3PM
June 3: Bigg's Kids' Fest, Cincinnati, 3PM
June 8-10: Columbus Arts Festival
June 16: North Market, Columbus, 9AM
June 17-? GOBA (Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure)
June 22-24: Comfest! Goodale Park, Columbus
June 23: Tour of Homes party
July 4: Doodah Parade, Victorian Village
July 7: Gallery Hop, Columbus Short North
July 13-15: Lakeside Community, Lakeside, Ohio
July 28: Private Pool Party
July 25-26: Longaberger Basket Convention, Nationwide Arena, Columbus
Aug 3-5: Lakeside Community, Lakeside, Ohio
Aug 22: Upper Arlington Farmer's Market, Arlington & Guilford Rd, 4-6pm
Aug 24-25: St. Andrews Festival, St. Andrews church, Upper Arlington
Aug 25: Private Party
Sept 1: Wedding, Columbus Music Hall
Sept 3: Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival, 12Noon, children's music stage; 10AM-4PM roving
Sept 8th: North Market, 9:30-Noon
Sept 8, 15, Oct 6, 13: OSU Football tailgating parties
Sept 12: Upper Arlington Farmer's Market, Arlington & Guilford Rd, 4-6pm
Sept 15: Private Birthday Party
Sept 29: Street block party, Hilliard, OH
Oct 3: Upper Arlington Farmer's Market, Arlington & Guilford Rd, 4-6pm
Oct 6: Gallery Hop, Columbus Short North District
Oct 7: Walk for Diabetes, Grandview, OH
Oct 13: Ohio State Univ. Homecoming Parade, 10AM
Oct 21: Columbus Marathon (music for 7000 runners!)
Oct 21: Kaufmann's Gala Event, Polaris Fashion Mall
Oct 23: Kaufmann's Benefit Event, Polaris Fashion Mall
Oct 26: Music with Poetry, House of Toast poets, Northwood Building, OSU Campus
Oct 27: Polaris Fashion Mall grand opening
Nov 3: Gallery Hop
Nov 10,17: OSU Football Tailgating Parties
Nov 18: Wild Oats Market 11-1pm
Dec 1: Holiday Hop, Columbus Short North District
Dec 7: North Market lunchtime world music (Eugene with conga drummer), 11:30-1:30
Dec 14: City of Upper Arlington employee Christmas Party
Dec 11: Kawanas Club of Harrisburg, OH Christmas Party
Dec 22: Wild Oats Market 11-1pm
Dec 29: North Market (with Congas) 10-12:30pm


New Year's Eve: First Night Columbus, downtown Columbus

March 15: Renaissance Hotel Lobby Bar, São Paulo, Brazil

April 22: Earth Day, Clintonville Community Market, Columbus

May 6: Gallery Hop, Short North, Columbus

May 7: AIDS Walkathon, Bicentenial Park, Columbus

June 1-4: Columbus Arts Festival

June 10: Yellow Springs Street Fair (11AM, main stage)

July 15-17 and Aug 18-20: Lakeside Community on Lake Erie

July 21: Ralph Nader for President rally, Ohio State Univ Independence Hall

Aug 1: Lake Shore Bike Path, Project 2000, CHICAGO

Aug 11: Bicycle Cyclenium, outside Adler Planetarium, CHICAGO

Aug 26: Pig Roast (Private Party)

Sept 2-3: Taste of Columbus, at COSI

Sept-Nov: Home OSU football games Tailgating Parties (St. John Arena Parking Lot)

Oct 1: Columbus Fall Challenge bicycle tour lunch stop, McConnelsville, Ohio

Oct10: Grand Court Retirement Center, Columbus, OH

Oct 28: Clintonville Community Mkt, Coop Fair, Columbus, OH

Oct 29: Columbus Marathon--Short North, OSU Campus

Oct 30: HALLOWEEN!!! through the streets of Clintonville

Nov 4: Gallery Hop, Buttles & High, Short North Columbus

Dec 9: Wild Oats Community Market grocery, Upper Arlington, OH


May 2, 99: AIDS Walkathon, Bicentenial Park, Columbus

May 15: Greensview Elementary School "GatherRoo" playground festival

May 29: Oberlin College commencement weekend

June 4-6: Columbus Arts Festival

June 3: Ohio State University Nursing School party

June 4: Schmitt wedding rehearsal dinner

June 12: Yellow Springs Street Faire, Yellow Springs, OH

June 26-27: Community Festival, Goodale Park, Columbus

July 17: Columbus Outdoor Pursuits "Party in the Park," Burr Oak Park

July 23-24: Lancaster Festival, Lancaster, OH

Aug 21: American Heart Assoc. Walkathon, Ohio State University