Trio de Pal-O

Trio de Pal-O is an ensemble of folks who are great pals and who have fun playing together as street musicians. Our musical repertoire includes music with a Latin American flavor (as in São Paulo, Brazil). Our core group includes a trio of musicians on keyboards, congas/bongos, and exotic hand percussion instruments from Latin America. For some venues we add brass instrumentation, vocalists, and even dancers to our group.

Trio de Pal-O has been attracting festive crowds of people at Columbus' monthly Short North Gallery Hop events. Here, we play on the sidewalk while passers-by stop to listen, dance, or play percussion with us. We pass out hand percussion instruments to children and adults who want to add to the captivating pulse of the rhythm. Occasionally we involve the audience with demonstrations of Latin dance styles, such as Salsa, Merenge, Samba, and Cha-cha as well as North American styles such as Ragtime, Waltz, and Two-step.

At retail galas, commercial promotions, and outdoor celebrations Trio de Pal-O is great at attracting passers-by and creating unstoppable energy. Contact the Piano Peddler for booking information (614-893-6293; or email: Experience the energy of Trio de Pal-O with the audio clip on this page and the video clip on the Audio/Video Clips page.

Click here for "Bien Sabroso" Real Audio clip

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