Look to this page for technical information on the bike and other human-powered vehicles.


The Twike hybrid electric human-powered vehicle. If two occupants both pedal, they can provide up to 20% of the power to cruise at 35 mph. Even without pedaling, it gets the equivalent of 450 mpg!!!

  Controls on the Twike available for the driver include disc braking and regenerative braking

  Eugene at the passenger pedals

Pretty darn cute from the front!   An MPEG-1 video of Tim and then Eugene riding with the owner of the Twike. (30sec 3.7MB)        
Series of 5 photos showing conversion of 76-note keyboard to 65 note by sawing off upper octave. This was necessary to fit the keyboard on the bike   Five jumper wires shown here on cut-off right portion of keybed circuit board had to be relocated on remaining part of board. See soldering job in next photos