In addition to the bike, I have a full-range keyboard and MIDI setup for venues that require a broader musical palatte and higher power. This setup can also be run totally on battery power (using a 1 KW A/C inverter system with battery). I can set up an entire band in the middle of a cornfield, or forest, or on a city sidewalk!

The table below shows examples of services rendered by the Piano Peddler.



(PP=Piano Peddler)

Walkathons, marathons bike PP
Retail/commercial promotions,
art show openings
bike or full keyboards PP, vocalist, percussionist
Children's birthay parties bike PP
Backyard or indoor parties bike or full keyboards PP, vocalist, percussionist, brass
Weddings piano, bike, or full keyboards pp, vocalist
Vocal, instrumental, or dance
piano or keyboards PP
Piano lessons Baldwin SF Grand Piano PP
Synthesizer and MIDI lessons keyboards PP
DJ No lights, no fog, just music! PP
Music composed and recorded
for dance or video
piano and/or keyboards PP
Digital audio editing and processing Sound Forge with PC PP