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The Piano Peddler, makes music from Columbus, to Washington, DC, to New York City on his mountain bicycle equipped with a musical keyboard and high-powered PA system. He provides up-beat tunes to spur on the riders of the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA), jazzy dance rhythms for walkers on fundraiser walkathons, and has played on television in Washington, DC sponsoring the Tour de Sol, a promotional tour for electric and solar powered vehicles. From gallery openings, to retail galas, to art and street festivals, Eugene spreads the joy of music through his unusual instrument.

A musician, engineer, and cycling enthusiast, Eugene studied music and physics/engineering at Oberlin College and The Ohio State University and holds a Masters degree in electrical engineering. He served as accompanist for the department of dance at OSU for three years, during which time he worked with choreographer Sheldon Ossosky in the production of West Side Story at Mershon Auditorium. In addition to performing as the Piano Peddler, Eugene teaches piano lessons, works as accompanist for local theatre groups, designs web sites, and provides computer maintenance support for the local natural foods community grocery.

His bicycle employs state-of-the-art MIDI, audio, and battery systems to provide audiences with high-powered crystal clear sound. Aside from parking his bicycle and playing for a gathered crowd, Eugene can play some songs two-handed while riding the bike through a crowd. When taking a break from tickling the ivories, Eugene can put on a CD or MP3 tune to play through the bike's audio system.

The Piano Peddler is truly a technological phenomenon who creates down-to-earth rhythms that bring a smile to people of all ages.