MAKING MUSIC—Anytime, anywhere. My name is Eugene and I call myself The Piano Peddler. I'm a musician who plays a portable music performance system built on a mountain bicycle. I provide music for all sorts of occasions: fundraiser walkathons, festivals and street fairs, retail/corporate promotions, backyard parties, outdoor rallies, and week-long bicycle tours.

I also do mobile advertising, whereby the music draws attention to the logo flags and advertisement placards on the bike (see North Market and Outlook Newspaper photos). Riding the bike, I can snake my way through large crowds of people such as throngs of tens of thousands approaching a stadium for a sporting event. At a trade show or convention I can quickly position myself at areas of maximum traffic, or I can stay parked at an exhibitor's booth, drawing plenty of attention due to my unique brand of entertainment.

My bike is equipped with a CD player, musical keyboard with MIDI sequencer, 200 Watt sound system, advanced battery unit, and a lighting system for nighttime riding. Aside from parking the bike and playing for a gathered crowd, I can even play two-handed while riding. The bike also serves as a portable PA (Public Address) system for large-area events such as rallies and outdoor gatherings. Using the on-board wireless microphone and my specially modified JBL horn-loaded full range speaker (capable of 125 db SPL), and Stewart PA-200 bridged amp, this mobile PA can reach crowds of thousands.

My musical tastes include jazz, pop, ragtime, classical, new age, and ethnic styles. When playing Latin music in particular, I often invite other talented musicians to join me such as Elizabeth, Wahru, and Ron (see Trio de Pal-O page). Bringing music to others brings great joy to me, especially when my music entices people to dance, inspires people to sing along, or excites a child to run up to the keyboard and just "ham it up."

The Piano Peddler has performed throughout Ohio as well as Washington, DC, Boston, New York City, Chicago, and Tampa. In Ohio, cyclers on the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA) were spurred on with upbeat "traveling" music to make it up steep hills; in Columbus, walkers in the annual Diabetes Walkathon mixed a little dancing with their walking as they enjoyed the Piano Peddler's jazzy salsa rhythms. In NYC and DC, participants of Tour de Sol, a promotional tour for electric and solar-powered vehicles, enjoyed "sun" songs at their daily media and public exhibition stops.









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Gail and Eugene doing the 'Monster Mash' at North Market Halloween event
  Mobile advertising for the North Market during lunchtime. Advertisement placard hangs from front of keyboard and logo flag flies in back.   At the Tampa Gaspirila Festival (Mardi Gras), a party of 500,000 people on the street!
  More from the Gaspirila Festival.

Eugene at piano with fashion models providing Grand Opening entertainment for Polaris Mall.

Mmm, summer sun, fun, and water at the beach!

Kids at the Beach, ready for Latin jam session
Street Performers Fest, Quincy Market, Boston. Solar panel powers MIDI equipment.

Guest keyboardist Yiling and children entertain Columbus Marathon runners   Bike decked out with 200 Christmas lights at the Holiday Hop on a sidewalk corner in the Short North   Promotional event entertainment at Wild Oats Market.   Polaris Mall grand opening event in children's wear department
Trio de Pal-O at OSU Agricultural Campus showcase event.   Providing Entertainment at Tour-de-Sol auto rally at Empire Plaza, Albany, NY.   Class of Middle School kids are impressed by the Piano Peddler on Tour-de-Sol.   Toddlers enjoy mak'n rhythm with the percussion instruments we pass out at the Bigg's Kids Festival.
Onlookers at GOBA getting "warmed up" prior to their picking up the percussion instruments for the happen'n jam.
  Cyclists at the campground of GOBA (Great Ohio Bike Adventure) join Elizabeth and Eugene for a Latin percussion "Happening."   Advertising on wheels— all set up, ready to provide convention entertainment at lunch break   Listeners outside the Center of Science and Industry at the Columbus Arts Festival.
Giraffe and human onlookers at ComFest.

  Eugene plays for a long line of walkers (3000 strong) at the Columbus AIDS Walkathon.   Mmm, that boy is itch'n to play this conga (watch him play it on Video Clips page!!)   Eugene and Wahru on-stage at Yellow Springs, Ohio Street Faire.
The bike is all decked out for a parade, advertising the Outlook newspaper.
  Can you count how many kids are playing percussion instruments here? (Answer, 9)
  Eugene and Wahru entertaining lunchtime crowd at the North Market
  Two girls at Lakeside ham it up on the keyboard.
Wahru leads a drumming jam at the Yellow Springs. Street Faire.

  The Piano Peddler in Wash. DC at Tour de Soll.

  A dance line winds its way through the park at a rest stop on GOBA.

  More live mannequins


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