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1) Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA) Campground performance (37sec)

2) A passer-by dances his dollar into the tip hat at Columbus' Community Festival. (15s)

3) Eugene and Percussionist, Wahru, invite kids to jam with us at the ComFest. (20s) 4) 2 year-old Rosie dances a duet with her friend in front of Hoover Auditorium at Lakeside. (60s)

5) "Big Bro" computer-based choreography by Don Bondi. Music composed by Eugene Beer. Don is retired Dance Chair at LA County High School of the Arts.

  6)Excerpt from "Duet for Quartet and Trio" by Don Bondi with music by Eugene. Among Don's students has been Jenna Elfman of TV's "Darma and Greg". (65s)  

7)"Falling Awake" by Joan Karlen of the University of Wisconsin. Musical score by Eugene Beer (90s)

  8)Rosie's awesome twilight dance performance at Lakeside. Eugene is holding camera in left hand, accompanying CD w/right. (41s)
9) More high energy at ComFest (18s)

  10) Wahru on Bongos and Congas at ComFest (25s)

  11) GOBA Bikers shake it! (13s)

  12) At Adler Planetarium in Chicago on night of Perseid meteor shower; skyline and Lake Michigan in background (57s)
13) GOBA rest stop entertainment (43s)

  14) Percussion Band of Kids at Lakeside (17s)

  15) Rosie's encore, with LED lights on her shoes, taking a bow at the end. (29s)

  16) On TV-4 in Wash. DC with Tour-de-Sol, a race of alternatively-powered vehicles. Note solar panel on back of bike. (12s)
17) "Sesame Street" at ComFest (8s)

  18) Wahru leads a drumming jam at Yellow Springs Street Faire (30s)   19) Ohio State U. football fans party hard at Tailgating gathering before home football games. (18s)   20) On TV-4 in Columbus prior to U2 concert at Ohio Stadium. (60s)

21) Trio-de-Paulo with young party guest on the maracas.(60s)

  22) Eugene and Wahru on 10-TV for Food Bank donation drive.(80s)