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Friends stop by Eugene's corner at Comfest to dance and shake the rattlers (81 sec) Trio de Pal-o plays Latin music at Tour of Homes backyard party (65 sec) Man dances Salsa at Columbus Arts Festival (34 sec) Children dance and shake percussion at Cincinnati Bigg's Kids' Festival (39 sec)
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Eugene and Ron entertain lawn crowd at OSU Ag campus event (28 sec) Children enjoy mak'n rhythm at Columbus Arts Festival (30 sec) Eugene and Juggler entertain audience at GOBA campground (49 sec) At Columbus Marathon, Eugene spurs on the runners by playing "Hang on Sloopy" while riding alongside them (14 sec)
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Girls shaking Maracas at OSU Agricultural College showcase event (10 sec) Exchanging High 5's with walkers at Walk for Diabetes (35 sec)